Welcome to the personal website of Justin Bullock. Thank you for visiting. This page is the central location for me to share my work with you.

Above you can find tabs to learn more about me, about the Public Problems Podcast, my academic work (CV and publications), my LessWrong blog posts, and email contact information. In the near future I will be adding pages for the AI Governance Handbook (current details below) and the Lo Wainwright science fiction book I'm working to complete. 

Below you will find the latest updates on my current projects.

Here are current updates on my projects:

- I am the lead editor along with this wonderful team for the forthcoming AI Governance Handbook that is being published by Oxford University Press. As the chapter are published online, I will be sharing additional information about the handbook on my Twitter handle @JustinBullock14. OUP is publishing each chapter as it is ready. You can find the chapters on OUP's website.

- I am currently writing a sequence of essays that are being published as a 2 year blog sequence of the LessWrong forum. These blogs will eventually be gathered together in book form. The title of this sequence is "How Humanity Lost Control and Humans Lost Liberty: From Our Brave New World to Analogia." Chapter 1: Machine Agents, Hybrid Superintelligences, and The Loss of Human Control , Chapter 2: The Other Earth, Chapter 3: Revisiting Brave New World Revisited, and Chapter 4: The Age of Over-population have each been published and are currently available on the Lesswrong forum

- I am writing a speculative fiction novel titled, "Lo Wainwright." The novel is approximately 50-60% completed. The story follows a narrator who encounters Lo Wainwright who is from another species of humans who call themselves Homo Superior. The narrator joins Lo on a journey to the Homo Superior colony, deep in the sea, to learn more about them and the intelligent machine they have created.

- I am a regular guest of the Rabid Weasel Podcast, which reviews and explores horror films. My brother, Jared Bullock hosts the podcast, and my wife and I do our best to offer some entertainment We post bi-weekly podcast episodes. They are posted on the Public Problems Podcast rss feed as well.

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