Hi!  Justin here.

Thanks for stopping by my website to learn about me and my work. 

I was born in Dallas, GA in 1987. I lived in GA until 2014. From 2005-2014, I attended UGA in Athens, GA, where I began my research and bartending careers, and where I left my bartending career behind to accept an academic appointment at Texas A&M University.


From 2014-2021, I worked as an Assistant Professor and then as an Associate Professor in the Public Service and Administration Department of The Bush School of Government & Public Service at TAMU. During this time I researched a variety of governance and public administration issues, in particular around emerging technology and governance spaces, taught a variety of management, methods, statistics, economics, and decision making courses, and conducted service activities including a podcast.

After the spring 2021 semester, I decided to leave my professor position at TAMU to pursue research and creative activities on my own. As part of this transition, my wife, Boston terrier (now we have 2!), and I relocated from Texas to Washington State and eventually into Seattle.

I find myself more and more interested in how technology has reshaped our society, our institutions, and our personal experiences. It is to exploring these topics further, that I intend to spend my intellectual time. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to learn, create, and share on these topics and others.


Thanks for taking a little time to learn about me and my projects.